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The Redundancy Trip

Wellington; the windy apple, a place so hip that even the moustaches have moustaches, where uppercut flows freely from the BK  refill machine and where self pay beard trims are available at most New World supermarkets. I doubt that even DR Phil himself could’ve predicted such innovations in the modern world, yet after millions of years of evolution here we are, arriving in this fine city on our first ever team trip struggling to process the various doings transpiring in front of our eyes with wide eyed wonder akin to that of California man from that movie also called California man  Yes, after being frozen in Christchurch for so long, thawing out in this fully functioning city was a treat indeed. One of the first things...

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A brief history of Curb part 1

Curb is a genuine independent skateboard company, based in Christchurch, New Zealand.Conceived late in 2013 our roots lie in the past but our passion and focus remains in the present, where we exist purely to produce quality original products, and to support the skateboarders and artists who are a part of our brand. We opened a pop-up shop on Feburary 22, 2014 in Central Christchurch. Heres a rough idea of how things went down…   setting up bigfoot sighting   Opening day February 22, 2014       We had a flood   We released the first Curb promo   The Upriver Wild from Curb on Vimeo.       First Product run     End Product     had a...

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