The Redundancy Trip

The Redundancy Trip

Wellington; the windy apple, a place so hip that even the moustaches have moustaches, where uppercut flows freely from the BK  refill machine and where self pay beard trims are available at most New World supermarkets.

I doubt that even DR Phil himself could’ve predicted such innovations in the modern world, yet after millions of years of evolution here we are, arriving in this fine city on our first ever team trip struggling to process the various doings transpiring in front of our eyes with wide eyed wonder akin to that of California man from that movie also called California man

 Yes, after being frozen in Christchurch for so long, thawing out in this fully functioning city was a treat indeed. One of the first things I noticed was the sheer amount of futuristic and other transportation devices, from  wheels being  ruthlessly attached to the bottom of a waterski to a fully blown adult paddling on a longboard Wellingtonians of all age are truly embracing a variety of transportation modes, which though bordering on the extent of ridiculousness at times shows that kooks driving cars everywhere all the time need to chillout and pickup a yike bike,  as environmental reasons aside, the entertainment value is priceless.


After arriving on Thursday afternoon and heading to a few spots around town we got our bearings (abec9s) and   ended up at the park on the waterfront where we settled for a few hours till the rest of the team arrived.

Filmer and fat guy Zack Gray was in the mix on Friday who inbetween putting out fires and firing out silky smooth lines (*lines may not actually have occurred) managed to shoot some serious heat during the trip, not to mention source some of the finest sushi eaterys in all of New Zealand.

Everywhere we went there were near perfect ledges and skateable architecture, which like an unexpected kick to the Mike Plumbs it was almost sickening the amount of spots to choose compared to Christchurch. The Brewery spot on the waterfront was the place that I was into the most; being somewhat of a plaza enthusiast I was drawn to it like a twirled up mustache to a 15 dollar glass of fennel and rosemary infused beer. Numerous lines and beers went down  at the brewery in what turned out to be our most productive session of the trip.

Yes it wasn’t called the Redundancy trip for nothing. With jobs, careers, flatmates, cameras and even the washing i left on the line all on the line, our existence was hard to explain like a turtleneck in midsummer, so it was time to call in the heavy hitters and reluctant landlords for 4 nights Jack Byrne, Josh Wilson Beach Thurlow and Edwin Massold.

The crew stacked up raw by the terabyte and will be available to see in Zack’s 2nd feature length video, “Settlers 2” available in early  Spring 2021, which will come with a free can of monster energy and a downloadable Danny Way part as a hidden Easter egg.

After 4 days of pushing from spot to spot, and general yoloing our shattered carcasses were ready to be hauled back to Quaketown, after having met a bunch of  new people and  making some new memories but not before all getting new  haircuts and the various gels, mousses, waxes and smartphone apps with which to maintain them on our i-Phone 7s.



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